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What to Look for When Choosing Tactical Boots

When you’re looking high and low for a good pair of tactical boots, you should keep in mind some things. Looks should be almost always come on last place, as there are some other aspects that give the value of your tactical boots.

Durable, able to take the heavy-duty jobs for a good amount of time, the tactical boots need to match the challenges of the tactical jobs and rise to the occasion every single time. Here’s what you need to double-check on your tactical boots

  • Height

The height factor is essential, especially if you’re looking for AR 670-1 compliant boots. In this case, your boots have to be greater than 8” and no less than 10”. It seems that this is the height that ensures best comfort while on the run.

  • Leather upper/ non-mesh

Many tactical boots out there feature non-mesh material, full-leather upper or a leather fabric. If you’re getting for leather tactical boots, cattle hide leather is the most common choice as it’s long lasting and protective altogether.

You should always go for leather tactical boots as synthetic leather and mesh fabrics aren’t approved according to some army regulations.

  • Zipper

Zipper boots are something rather new. Zipper materials with YKK standards are super sturdy these days and can withhold the wear and tear given to tactical boots. The zipper is placed on the sides and help pull and take out the boots in no time (check out for more info on tactical gear).

  • Physical appearance

It’s important to take a good look at your tactical boots, no matter where you buy them from. Take them with a grain of salt and pay attention to any flaws and check to see that both left and right boot are the same size.

When possible, take a good smell on your boots. The rich leather does smell different from the synthetic ones. Get your hand inside of the boot to see that everything is well stuck together, with no bubbly parts in between. A test is always great as you get to take a feel on the boots.

  • Sole

When you’re looking for some good tactical boots, pay attention to the sole as you don’t want it to extend to the back of the heel nor the front, over your toe. As a matter of fact, the sole shouldn’t be higher than 2” when you measure it from the bottom.

A rubber or polyurethane outsole is going to make the boot both comfortable and flexible. No matter how rugged or heavy-duty the tactical boots are going to be, you should never compromise on the comfort and support.

  • Weight

The tactical boots should be lightweight as this ensures wear for a long time, with less fatigue. Lightweight typically means better comfort, for longer time. Lightweight tactical boots are going to give you speed and ease of use, supporting your efforts to be always ready for the job.

  • Color

Typically, the color of the tactical boots is tan or coyote tan and you want the toe part of the boots to be the same colors as the upper part. In some conditions, the camouflage is going to be required on your tactical boots. But, as you may already know by now, fashion is the last thing on your mind when out on the fields. If you’re getting tactical boots only for fun, you may very well look for the colors that you like.